Alžběta Polzová

Alžběta Polzová | Innovation Footprint

about me

I like places where something is happening ... I like it when we look at things "differently". And most of all I like the moment when someone thinks of something very good, the next one builds on it, and then we all know that this is it and that we are going in the right direction. In times when nothing like that is sparkling, I like to work on my daily research on "shutting up". My specialty is to watch whom you can be silent with and create the right conditions for it. Question "What are we silent about?" is quite common in our office. Yeah, and I like reading.

Alžběta is a founding partner of INNOVATION FOOTPRINT - she participates in the strategy and management of the company. For individual orders she puts together a "bus crew" and works as a consultant on project implementation. Along with others, she is dedicated to the Shared Value concept and project communication strategy.

+420 608 393 199