we-nnovation | Innovation Footprint

we-nnovation – partnership as an essential part of success

The essence of our work is inspiration for innovation. That is why we named the brand for our business a few years ago as “Innovation Footprint”. Imprint of innovation, innovation footprint.

For us, what is important is not the innovation itself - "I-nnovation", but above all our cooperation with the client - "We-nnovation." It brings together all stakeholders into a synergistic piece.

We emphasize:

  • a view of business from a different angle
  • asking questions and challenging “status”, searching for, implementing and communicating innovation
  • benefits of innovations for the society and the companies themselves

the innovation is decided by the customer

When we talk about innovation, we are by no means focused just on technological novelties. Innovations may include new services, business models, organizational procedures. Across all sectors, from private to public, from profit to non-profit. The customer decides whether or not this is an innovation. Innovation is only successful if accepted by the customer.

our inspiration

We like the concept of the innovation process from the book by  Gijs van Wulfen's 'Inspiration for Innovation' published in 2018. Gijs exaggerates that innovation is the ability to 'turn ideas into invoices'. We fell in love his definition: „It is possible to invent alone. But it is not possible to innovate alone. It's a joint work.“