Brand | Innovation Footprint

brand – and everything behind it

If you start to take social issues and business together seriously, your brand's position will shift. 

Brand | Innovation Footprint

Having “only” a good product or service is simply not enough today. Your approach in the form of innovations, and particularly in innovations related to social issues, it is not about “decoration of shop windows and message boards on social networks”. Your approach is an integral part of what your business does or could do - what it feels like.


Getting and retaining a customer, a market position, a competitive edge, and room for innovation assumes that you know why, how and what you do. And in that spirit you also appear in public. Openly, honestly and transparently. You inform about your values, vision, responsible behavior and plans for the future. This builds and shifts the brand. The more people identify with you, the more successful you will be.


All the principles and values ​​we adhere to, same as the „Improving Business while Improving Life“, „Shared Value“, and „We-nnovation“ approaches are also naturally reflected in our cooperation with clients while building a/o shifting their brand.

our inspiration

There are many wise books about the importance of branding for successful business, but one stands out. “What is Branding” by Matthew Healey which shows an inspiring example of the brand Body Shop. It demonstrates that care for the environment and adherence to strict ethical principles can strengthen, not weaken the brand. Many successful imitators of this journey only confirm deep and lasting interest of customers in responsible brands.