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...sometimes it takes two weeks, sometimes two years – always as the client needs and wants

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In terms of doing responsible business - do you make correct decisions? Do they make sense if you consider your business as a whole? Is better business -  going hand in hand with help that makes sense - result of your effort? Maybe you have never asked such questions. And (surprisingly) you know the correct answers!

Our analysis will pinpoint the causes of the non-satisfactory status. Will separate substantial from non-substantial, tell permanent links from random ones. 

We work with methods and analytical techniques that can help understand the interests and preferences of all key stakeholders. And compare and distinguish where these interests and preferences converge with or diverge from company ones. Once the analysis discovers and pinpoints the real status, ideally a correctly set strategy should follow.

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Responsibility, sustainability and ethical conduct of business are not just some “addition”. They form an inseparable part of a business model in all areas where company value is being created. Moreover, they are interlinked in a long term and strategic way with brand values and company culture. It is clear that innovative approaches that contribute to advancing societal issues should be commercially successful. That is why our strategies embody the slogan „Improving Business while Improving Life“.

Our strategic recommendations respect operational efficiency, they support the company market position and its competitiveness. Not only that we are proposing projects. We do propose also tools to manage and measure them. As part of the strategy we also suggest communication recommendations and render  the document in a structure and with indicators that make regular reporting easier. 

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non-financial reporting

Do you want to have your company activities and projects well documented ? Do you need to capture everything essential that you accomplished while doing your business in a responsible, sustainable and ethical way ? Do you want to get interesting and compelling evidence and stories to buttress your communication ? 


Professionally elaborated report will improve internal transparency in your company. It will capture the attention of your potential employees, your business partners and investors. It will provide service to auditors, regulators, media, academic community. We will help you create an attractive report in harmony with the logic and content of your company strategy. The GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) methodology is an internationally recognized standard for preparing reports, aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 

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Introducing changes that represent business opportunity or eliminate risks is often accompanied with challenges linked to allocating people and resources. Processes are not set, tasks not articulated, no available capacity. Time keeps running and plays crucial importance. 


We are ready to assist you with introducing innovations and changes as an external agency backup and also  internally, as part of management of specific projects. We have a long term working partnership with a number of independent experts, specialized institutions and non governmental organizations. We can supply you with a “turn-key” solution, supervise or directly manage specific work jobs. Simply – we will do for you what is needed at a specific point of time. 


We can help you do important things before they become urgent.

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first step

In a daily routine, it is very difficult to pause and make time to ponder.  


We can help you slow down, take a breath and take a step into the right direction. A direction that would enable you to overcome stagnation, gain stability, better handle your competition, attract new employees, partners, investors. We will support you in your effort to search for new ways, reach out and keep up to date. We will lead you out of the impasse of solving complicated problems at every phase of your company  development.  


We will be glad to meet you at a swift and productive workshop. We will present to you our way of working and explore how we could possibly be of use to you. We will sketch possible solutions and walk you through the first round of questions and answers on “how to help and earn at the same time”. 

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